Spectra Food Services Counts on Kohn-Megibow Company for Quality Used Restaurant Equipment

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Spectra Food Services & Hospitality has been a regular client of Kohn-Megibow Company’s for more than five years. They are at many of our auctions and have even sold some used restaurant equipment with us, as well. Here’s an insight into their previous experiences with Kohn-Megibow Company and how we’ve been able to provide quality used restaurant equipment to them in the past.

About Spectra

Scott Shacklett is the General Manager at Spectra’s Fairplex location based out of the OC Fair and Event Center. Spectra by Comcast Spectacor is one of North America’s leading food service contractors, known for offering world-class service and food preparation. Scott’s team at Fairplex manages food for the OC Fair and other events held at the fairgrounds. They run the Baja Blues restaurant on-site and handle a lot of major catering jobs throughout the area.

Scott found Kohn-Megibow Company through word of mouth. Another vendor told him great things about our used restaurant equipment auction services, and he finally decided to check us out on his own. Ever since then, Scott and Spectra at Fairplex have been regular clients.

“We’ve done business with one other company, but they were nothing like Kohn-Megibow. KMC is much better,” said Scott. “Part of what makes them better is their large variety and the quality of their equipment. KMC tends to go in and clean up the equipment and make sure things work properly. The other place just took the used equipment in any shape and threw it into the mix.”

Quality and Value

Over the past five years of buying used restaurant equipment at our auctions, Spectra at Fairplex has gotten great deals on a lot of items that have been used for many different restaurant and catering applications. They’ve built custom stands and cages to protect certain appliances, as it is just the nature of their business in terms of catering and providing food services for various events at the fairgrounds. They oftentimes need to move things around and the used restaurant equipment purchased from Kohn-Megibow Company stands up to their demanding applications. “We’ve had great experiences with every single piece of equipment we’ve purchased,” said Scott.

Spectra Food Services & Hospitality at Fairplex has also sold some used restaurant equipment to KMC. They like to upgrade regularly, so they’ll turn around and resell some items they no longer need, which then get placed into our bi-weekly auctions.

A Positive Experience

When asked how Scott’s overall experience with KMC was, he simply replied: “Great! They are easy to work with, and we’ve had great success with everything we’ve purchased from KMC.”

To learn more about Kohn-Megibow Company and our bi-weekly auctions, please check out our website. You can also find a schedule of upcoming auction events online. Whatever your used restaurant equipment needs are, we will take care of you. Contact us today!

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