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Kohn-Megibow Company prides itself on providing quality, used, and new restaurant equipment to its clients. Whether it’s a startup restaurant or one that’s been in business for years, our goal is to help every restaurant owner find great equipment for a great price.
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Many people don’t realize just how far back the history of Kohn-Megibow Company goes. That’s why we’ve put together a timeline of KMC’s history, starting back in 1916 when a Southern California auctioneer named S.W. Kohn founded the company. He was actually the first to specialize in auctions for used restaurant equipment. As the years...
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Whether you’ve been to many used restaurant equipment auctions at Kohn-Megibow Company or are considering attending your very first KMC auction, there are a number of strategies you can follow to be a smart buyer. Learn how to navigate the fast-paced auction process and discover how to get the best deals on the equipment you...
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One of the biggest mistakes many restaurant owners make is replacing restaurant equipment on an as-needed basis. On the surface level, this may seem more practical. However, replacing equipment only when it is broken beyond repair is an expensive process. Not only will you have to stall business while you get it replaced, but it...