Local Restaurant Supplier Trusts Kohn-Megibow for All His Restaurant Equipment Needs

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Kohn-Megibow Company prides itself on providing quality, used, and new restaurant equipment to its clients. Whether it’s a startup restaurant or one that’s been in business for years, our goal is to help every restaurant owner find great equipment for a great price.

However, not all of our clients are solely restaurant owners. Oftentimes we have consultants visit us, hoping to find some great pieces of equipment for the various restaurants they work with. For example, our client, Belleari is a restaurant supply and management company, owned by John Osbourne. They help restaurant owners find restaurant equipment, packing equipment, and other supplies throughout Southern California. The name Belleari is French for “The Pretty Jewel,” and John is focused on helping his clients get the best possible equipment, with help from KMC.

A Family Business

One of the restaurants under the Belleari umbrella is Mommie Helen’s Bakery in Colton. This wonderful bakery has been in business for over 35 years and has been managed by three generations of the family. Currently, Mommie Helen’s is run by John’s aunt. Some of their loyal customers over the years include celebrities like Shaquille O’Neal and Betty Johnson. A bakery with such a rich history requires specialized restaurant equipment. With clients like this, it’s important to find the best restaurant equipment out there, which is why John turns to KMC for assistance.

John first learned about KMC through a friend, Tim, who owns Luke’s on Front in Old Town Temecula. Tim was raving about the used restaurant equipment he had purchased for his restaurant through Kohn-Megibow. Their conversation encouraged John to check us out and he was impressed with his experience.

“It’s a great relationship. It’s more than a resource. It’s like a family,” John says. “You walk into the door and you feel like you’re home. Anything you need, they’ll get for you. The staff is excellent.”

The Thrill of the Hunt

Once John started attending KMC’s used restaurant equipment auctions, he was hooked. He found quality equipment at affordable prices, which was ideal for the bakeries and restaurants he serves. Rather than paying full price for brand new equipment, John can get great used equipment (often just like new) for a much lower price.

John also takes a lot of enjoyment in the auction process. He enjoys when bidding wars happen on the floor. “It’s almost like a sport at times,” he explains. “It’s so fun and exciting!”

The Ultimate Used Restaurant Equipment Resource

Over the years, John has purchased many items from KMC, including freezers, refrigerators, kitchenware, smallware, ovens and furniture. He has attended other used restaurant equipment auctions. “They are not like KMC at all,” John says. “They don’t have the same stuff. KMC is always organized, the items look great and they clearly take care of the equipment they sell. It’s such a necessity as a restaurateur to work with the best of the best when it comes to equipment that you can’t do business without.”

John has also sold some of his own used restaurant equipment at KMC auctions. Kohn-Megibow has become his go-to resource for all equipment transactions. He knows that the possibilities are limitless and his needs will always be met when he deals with the wonderful team at KMC.

If you are looking to buy or sell used restaurant equipment, contact Kohn-Megibow Company for more information and to learn more about upcoming auctions.

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