Go Mobile with Your Restaurant on a Budget

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Today’s restaurants are becoming more and more mobile. Whether it’s adding catering services or increasing delivery range, mobile restaurants in the form of food trucks or trailers is a powerful way to expand your business and reach new customers.

More Affordable Than You Think

Some restaurant owners might be hesitant to take their restaurants mobile, as they think it will be to be too expensive or too difficult to manage. However, it’s much easier than you’d think, especially when you have Kohn-Megibow Company on your side. You can turn your restaurant mobile for a surprisingly low budget by purchasing equipment at KMC.

Many restaurant owners have purchased Cambro Insulated Food Carriers & Carts from KMC in order to expand their catering services. These insulated food carriers come in all different sizes and forms to suit any food delivery need. They can easily be loaded into the back of a station wagon, van or truck and are used for all different types of events. Cambro food carriers and carts are very thick and well-insulated to keep any food warm or cold. They do not need to be plugged in at all. You can transport the food for up to 1-2 hours and it will still be appropriately hot or cold when you reach your destination. While these can be expensive when purchased new, at KMC, you can find high-quality used Cambro equipment for a fraction of the cost!

Other Mobile Restaurant Items to Consider

In addition to food transportation devices, you’ll also want to stock up on disposable small wares such as paper cups, paper plates, and plastic silverware. These items are readily available at discounted prices from KMC, making it affordable to expand your mobile services. With these items, you can now cater for corporate events, festivals, concerts, and fairs if you want!

Another great source of revenue to consider is a refrigerated mobile bar system. If you have your liquor license, you can take your bar mobile by serving beer, wine, and cocktails. Otherwise, a lot of restaurants will use it for all types of cold beverages that they can bring right to their customers.

Get Ready to Go Mobile with KMC

With the affordable restaurant equipment available from KMC, going mobile with your restaurant has never been easier or more cost effective. Stop by one of our bi-weekly auctions or visit our warehouse on non-auction days to see our available mobile equipment firsthand. Our quality used equipment can help take your business to the next level. Contact us today for more information.

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