Here’s Why It’s Important to Have New Storage Containers

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It may not be something that you think about often, but food and supply storage is a critical part of running a restaurant. A good storage system allows you and your staff to track inventory, find things quickly and operate with more ease and efficiency. Clear plastic storage containers are essential for day-to-day restaurant operations; however, many restaurant owners wait too long and pay too much to replace them.

Often, old storage containers get dirty or cloudy. Sometimes they just get worn out and start to crack or crumble after years of use. This affects productivity because employees can’t see what’s in the containers, and they end up wasting time trying to locate what they need. Plus, ingredients could get contaminated if the containers are dirty, and inventory is harder to keep track of because the supply levels aren’t clearly seen.

Kohn-Megibow Company always has a good supply of clear plastic containers available at our auctions. We get containers of all sizes in our warehouse regularly, and they are a popular seller due to their affordability and practicality. KMC sells them for a fraction of the price that they would cost new. Savvy restaurant owners will stock up on containers at a low price so they can have them ready to use when needed. Don’t wait until the old ones get too dirty or fall apart: restock with help from Kohn-Megibow Company.

Here are just some of the benefits associated with buying new storage containers for your restaurant:

Inventory – Clear, clean containers allow you to see exactly what you have in stock, so you can track inventory easily and know when to restock.

Sanitary Conditions – Newer, cleaner containers will be better for storing important ingredients that you use in your dishes. Don’t run the risk of old, dirty containers contaminating your food.

Efficiency – Because everything is clear, your employees will always know where everything is. They can easily see and access what they need when they need it.

Affordability – Buying new containers at KMC’s bi-weekly auctions will ensure you get them at a fraction of the price. You’ll pay less for the same quality items.

Preparedness – Have the containers purchased before you need them, so you are always ready to replace old containers when they get dirty, cloudy or start to crack.

Aesthetics – New, organized containers will look nicer in your kitchen and storage areas. Workers will appreciate this, which leads to a better ambiance in the kitchen.

Kohn-Megibow Company offers all types of storage containers in various shapes and sizes. We have round containers or square ones—with or without lids. We have small 4-quart containers, massive 22-quart containers, and everything else in between. Plus, all of our container options are new and in great condition.

To see what storage containers KMC has in stock, give us a call or visit our warehouse during the week. You can preview used restaurant equipment, and you have the option to purchase anything directly instead of waiting until auction day. We’ll give you a fair price and you won’t have to worry about losing it to a higher bidder. Either way, you’ll get great containers and restaurant equipment for a fraction of the price. Contact us today for more information.

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