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Take a close look around your restaurant, specifically at your furniture: Are the booths ripped, torn and frayed? Are the seat cushions beginning to crack? Are the tables and chairs wobbly from missing pieces?

Let’s face it: restaurant furniture takes a beating over time. Having a constant flow of customers every day is wonderful, but it can also run down your equipment over time. Unfortunately, beat-up or old furniture could deter customers from coming to your restaurant. If the seating feels too over used, people may no longer want to come in. Also, worn-out furniture will catch the eye of health inspectors for safety and sanitary reasons.

If your restaurant furniture is in need of an update or upgrade, turn to Kohn-Megibow Company to get quality used restaurant furniture at a fraction of the price it would cost to buy new. We have a consistent supply of excellent furniture. Most of it is like-new, and some of it is actually brand-new and still in the wrapper! Here are just a few things you might consider replacing with help from KMC.

Time for New Chairs or Stools?
KMC often gets large quantities of new chairs and bar stools. These are heavy duty pieces, built to withstand high traffic and years of use from customers. We carry an assortment of styles, colors, shapes, and sizes to meet any requirements. If you’re ready to replace your chairs or stools, come take a look at what we have available in our warehouse!

Tables and Booths
In addition to chairs and stools, you can find high-quality tables to replace the ones that have taken plenty of abuse over the years. At KMC, you will find everything from small café tables to larger square, rectangular or round tables. We carry wood, granite, marble and pedestal tables. Get rid of the tables with drawings all over them and nasty old gum underneath, and imagine how some new tables would look in your restaurant.

The same goes for booths: we regularly feature nicely upholstered seating booths in exceptional condition. Brand-new booths like these could cost you $1,000 or more per section. KMC regularly sells top-quality booths in the $200-$300 range—sometimes even less! You can save money while upgrading the physical appearance your restaurant in the process.

Experience the KMC Difference
Come into KMC to preview the restaurant chairs, stools, tables and booths that we have available for upcoming auctions. If you like something and don’t want to wait for the auction, you can purchase it right then and there at a fair discount price. Either way, you will get a fantastic deal on the restaurant furniture and equipment you need.

For more information on KMC, items for sale and our upcoming auction schedule, contact us or stop by our Anaheim warehouse, open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday, and located at 1341 N. Kraemer Boulevard, Anaheim, CA 92806.

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