Which Freezer Option is Best for Your Restaurant?

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Almost every restaurant needs a good freezer to keep food and supplies on hand. At Kohn-Megibow Company, we always have a wide variety of industrial-quality freezers available in our bi-weekly used restaurant equipment auctions. You can find a used freezer that’s perfect for your restaurant for a fraction of the price that it would cost to buy new. Choosing the best freezer option for your establishment will depend on the type of restaurant you have, the freezer space you require and the space you have available.

In this article, we’ll walk you through how to pick the right freezer for your restaurant.

1. Walk-In Freezers
If you have a large restaurant, it usually makes the most sense to have a walk-in freezer. It will give you the most storage space available, and it is easy for your kitchen staff to access exactly what they need.

2. Stainless Steel Freezers
You may not have enough space for a walk-in freezer, but if your restaurant is big, you will still need a lot of freezer space. In this case, KMC typically recommends a one-, two- or three-door stainless steel freezer. These line up right against the wall and will maximize your space if you have constraints. Plus, they are easy to place in the back and out of the public’s view. Two-door stainless steel freezers are the most popular type we sell at KMC.

3. Glass-Door Freezers
Also known as “merchandise freezers”, glass-door freezers are designed to display frozen items for sale. They are essentially the same as stainless steel freezers mentioned above, but they have glass doors. This is a freezer you would put out front for ice creams, desserts and other frozen gourmet goodies that people can see, grab and buy.

4. Under-Counter Freezers
When you simply don’t have room for a larger freezer, you can purchase an under-counter freezer that will provide storage without taking up much space. Better yet, you can consider a work-top-style freezer that will blend in well and have practical workspace on top. Both styles come in multiple sizes, ranging from compact 27-inch one-door options to 48-inch two-door (and even larger) designs.

5. Freezer Chef Bases
These are extremely convenient and popular because you can put your cooking equipment right on top. Imagine having a freezer filled with the ingredients you need located directly below your griddle, burner or char-broiler. Check out the freezer chef base options available at KMC!

6. Small Freezers
When you have frozen desserts or ice cream to display, but don’t need a large glass-door freezer, Kohn-Megibow regularly has excellent countertop glass-door freezers available.

Any restaurant owner knows just how expensive freezers can be when purchased new. You can find all of these different types of freezers discounted at our used restaurant equipment auctions. Whether you need a large or small freezer for storage or display, Kohn-Megibow Company has you covered. Stop by our warehouse and see what we have in stock or pre-register for our next used restaurant auction!

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