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Have you ever walked into a restaurant that was absent of music and/or televisions? The answer is probably not, and if you have, you might have felt a little bit off. That’s because audio and video equipment help establish the mood of your restaurant. Whether you want to portray a fun and upbeat ambiance or a calming and relaxing one, the music and videos you choose to show help put that together. But you can’t play music and videos without a great audio system and television equipment.

That’s where Kohn-Megibow Company comes in.

Quality Audio/Video Equipment at Auction

Kohn-Megibow Company often gets newer, high-end audio and video equipment that we make available to our customers at our bi-weekly used restaurant equipment auctions. We also sell anything directly from our warehouse, so just come by and ask. In fact, we just received some great A/V pieces in that will be up in our next auction – we’re talking speakers, amplifiers, monitors/TVs, audio consoles, tuners, receivers and other important media components.

Some of the high-end audio systems that we often carry include:

  • JBL Speakers
  • Polk Audio
  • Crown Power Amplifiers
  • Electro Voice Speakers

On the video side, we regularly get in high-quality flat-screen TVs that are ideal for bars and restaurants. We also get the controllers especially set up to use in restaurants of varying sizes.

Why You Want a Good A/V System

Having the right audio and/or video set-up in your restaurant, bar or club is vital. It sets the right atmosphere and gives customers another reason to want to come in. That’s why it’s important to have a system that will be heard throughout your restaurant. In addition, the equipment you buy should sound and look great. Cheap audio/video equipment can often be a turn-off for customers.

That’s what’s so great about buying from KMC. You get high-end audio and video equipment at a fraction of the price it would cost new. Usually, it’s even cheaper when bought at auction as opposed to some of the lower-end A/V equipment is when purchased new. You will save money and get an excellent audio/video system that you and your customers love!

Get What You Need at KMC

We always make sure anything we sell at Kohn-Megibow Company is in excellent working condition, and you are always welcome to stop by and preview the items before you decide to buy. We just got in some great audio/video equipment, so come check it out and be ready to bid at the next auction.

Check out our auction page for more information or call us to pre-register for the next KMC used restaurant equipment auction. We look forward to seeing you at our next auction!

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