Buying the Right Sinks for Your Restaurant’s Kitchen

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No matter what type of restaurant you have, it is required by law to have sinks in your establishment. Most places have multiple sinks for different purposes. Regardless of the sink’s purpose, it’s essential that the sink is NSF-approved stainless steel in order to meet health department standards. They also need to be seamless and smooth with no corners that will trap debris.

If you’re looking for quality used and new sinks, be sure to visit Kohn-Megibow Company, as we have sinks of all shapes, styles, and sizes. We regularly receive high-quality sinks that you can buy at a fraction of the price they will cost you new. Purchase directly from our warehouse at discount prices or buy from our bi-weekly used restaurant equipment auctions. Either way, you’ll be getting a great deal on the sinks that you need for your restaurant.

Here are some of the sinks we carry at KMC:

Hand Sinks – You must have a stainless-steel hand sink by law, and you can find what you need at KMC for the best possible price. These sinks are available with or without splash guards. You can even find used splash guards at KMC, which are much cheaper than new ones and perform the exact same function.

Mop Sinks – These are big, one-tub sinks that most restaurants need to have. KMC sometimes gets mop sinks with foot controls, which keeps you from having to use your hands to turn it on and off.

Prep Sinks – Best for preparing vegetables, fruit, and other foods, these sinks feature a drain board on one side and are easy to use for cleaning and preparing ingredients.

Three-Tub Sinks – This is the industry standard, featuring 18-inch tubs with two draining boards. These come into KMC very often with options such as pre-rinse spray heads and waste levers on the drains.

Bar Sinks – If you own a bar, you must have a bar sink by law. These tubs are always measured for specific bar specs and the overall width can range from between 4-foot- and 12-foot-wide tubs.

Sheet Pan Sinks – These have extra large tubs to fit full-size aluminum sheet pans. If you own a bakery or serve a lot of baked goods, these sheet pan sinks are a must-have and required by law.

Corner Sinks – Corner sinks are great space savers if your kitchen layout is limited. They are very expensive new, so get your corner sinks from Kohn-Megibow and save a lot of money!

Custom-Sized Sinks – Sinks can come in all shapes and sizes with any number of tubs, and KMC regularly has custom-sized sinks in stock and one may just be ideal for your restaurant’s specific needs. When you find the right one here, you will save a ton of money compared to buying a custom-sized sink new.

The bottom line is that all restaurants need sinks, usually several for different purposes and health code requirements. Visit one of Kohn-Megibow Company’s used restaurant equipment auctions, stop by our warehouse or call us today to learn about the latest restaurant sinks we have in stock!

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