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If you’re opening a bar, congratulations! It’s an exciting time, though it can also be quite stressful making sure all the crucial details are covered before you are ready to open the business.

Some of the most important things you’ll need are bar/service equipment and furniture. The good news is you can buy used restaurant and bar equipment directly from Kohn-Megibow Company at a fraction of the retail price. Get the quality pieces you need without going over budget on new equipment that you’ll quickly learn is very expensive. You can buy excellent used bar equipment at one of KMC’s bi-weekly auctions or directly from our equipment warehouse.

Here are some of the essential bar and restaurant equipment items you can find at KMC:

Bar Sinks
Underbar sinks come in all shapes and sizes and will be a great way to save time and space. They’re best for quickly washing glassware and dumping out unused liquids.

Ice Machines and Ice Storage Bins
Your bar will need ice for cold drinks. New ice-making and storage equipment is very expensive, but you can find ice machines and ice storage bins from the leading manufacturers at Kohn-Megibow Company.

If you serve beer in bottles or cans, then you’ll want a bottle cooler. They are available in many different sizes and we get them regularly in stock at KMC.

Speed Rails
Keep your most-popular liquors easy-to-access and on full display with a high-grade, stainless-steel speed rail. Find the size and design you need at Kohn-Megibow Company.

Bar Stools
Your customers will need somewhere to sit and enjoy their drinks. We always have a great variety of used bar stools, tables and other essential bar/restaurant furniture available for purchase.

Bar Blenders
If you are serving blended drinks like margaritas, you will require a heavy-duty blender that stands the test of time and provides the level of blending you desire. KMC has the best brand-name commercial blenders available.

Cooking Equipment
Many bars serve food, which means you will need kitchen equipment and appliances. Find the pots, pans, fryers, ranges, refrigerators, ovens, dishes, serving equipment, silverware and everything else you need at Kohn-Megibow Company.

Other Bar Supplies
Even if you are not serving hot food, you will need so many things for your bar like pourers, shakers, utensils, dishwashing equipment, condiment racks, glass racks, bar mats, towels and more. The expenses can really add up if you buy everything new, so take advantage of KMC’s excellent variety of used restaurant and bar equipment that is in great condition.

Contact Kohn-Megibow Company for more information about what’s currently available. Check out our next used restaurant equipment auction or stop by our warehouse to preview everything in stock!

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