5 Reasons to Buy Used Custom Counters at KMC

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All restaurants need counter space. Whether it’s for customer dining, kitchen workspace or cashier services, counters serve an important purpose while also making a statement in terms of décor. You want great-looking countertops that are also sturdy, durable and functional. So where can you find them?

You could spend tons of money buying new counters and having them custom built. However, there is a better option out there. Buy high-quality used custom counters from Kohn-Megibow Company for a fraction of the price it would cost to purchase new. Still unsure? Here are 5 reasons why you should buy your counters used from KMC:

1. Wide Variety
At KMC, we receive a very wide variety of different counters in stock on a regular basis. They are cut into usable sections that make them easily repurposed for different restaurant configurations. Some design options include granite-top counters, wooden counters, workstations, stainless steel with shelving above or underneath, work counters with storage cupboards and drawers underneath, and so on.

2. Huge Cost Savings
If you were to buy a 32-inch marble-top counter new, it could cost you thousands of dollars to have it custom made. At KMC, you can find excellent counters like this for much less. You can buy marble or granite counters at one of our used restaurant equipment auctions or directly from our equipment warehouse, often for as little as a couple hundred bucks.

3. Design Inspiration
A nice counter can be a real statement piece for your restaurant, whether it’s in the kitchen or out front where guests will see and use it. If you are still in the early stages of designing your restaurant, you can get beautiful used counters of various shapes, sizes, colors, and materials. We’re talking stainless steel, granite, marble or even our popular reclaimed wooden pieces that could set the tone for your whole restaurant design.

4. High Quality
Many of the used counters we get at KMC are of high-grade materials. They are designed to look good and function well over long periods of time. They are commercial-grade and are guaranteed to pass health inspections, which is vital for a restaurant.

5. Add-Ons Available
The custom counters at Kohn-Megibow Company often include special add-on features that are already included. Examples might include a built-in display case, built-in sink, drawers, shelves and special cutaway sections that allow for grills, crepe makers and more. These extra features will save space and money!

At KMC, we have a constant flow of custom counters coming in and out of our warehouse. More than half of the restaurants we move include some sort of standard counter or custom-designed counter that are in great shape and ready to be reused.

Contact Kohn-Megibow Company today to see what counters we currently have in stock and for more information about our upcoming bi-weekly used restaurant equipment auctions!

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