Here’s Everything You Need to Start a Barbecue Restaurant

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Summer will be here before you know it, which means it will soon be barbecue season! Some bars and restaurants may offer barbecued or smoked items during certain parts of the year, while true barbecue joints offer this great food all year long, rain or shine.

If you are going to have a barbecue-themed restaurant, Kohn-Megibow Company should be your go-to new and used restaurant equipment warehouse in Anaheim. Whether you buy used restaurant equipment at one of our bi-weekly auctions or directly from us on our non-auction days, you’ll find the best deals at KMC.

To help you get a taste of the equipment you’ll need for your barbecue joint, we’ve compiled a list of equipment you can buy directly from KMC. Take a look!

When you work with such a large quantity of meat, refrigeration is key in order to keep all the different kinds of meats stored properly. KMC has all the refrigeration solutions you can think of. Under-counter refrigerators are very popular at barbecue places because it allows you to keep your ingredients close to the grill. Kohn-Megibow Company always has a great supply of under-counter fridges in a variety of sizes.

Worktop refrigerators are also great because you can actually work right on top of the fridge. This is very handy for barbecue situations and they come in various configurations, including those with standard doors and those with extra-convenient refrigerated drawers. KMC carries worktop refrigerators from the following top manufacturers:

  • True

  • Beverage Air

  • Turbo Air

Every barbecue place must have a great, quality smoker. Commercial smokers come in various sizes and in different materials. When it comes to big smokers—outdoors or indoors—you can find them powered by wood, charcoal or gas. Wood is always the most popular because it provides that true smoky flavor. Some of the top big smoker manufacturers sold at KMC include:

  • Southern Pride

  • Cookshack

  • Old Hickory

More compact indoor smokers are also becoming increasingly popular because they don’t take up too much space and you can do all the smoking inside year-round. They are usually powered by electricity or gas. Alto Shaam and CresCor are two top companies that make great indoor smokers, both of which you can find at KMC.

Outdoor Grills
If you do any of your smoking outside, you’ll want to have an outdoor grill nearby. MagiCater makes great five and six-foot outdoor grills that will use either charcoal or propane. They are on wheels, which make them easy to move around or take to different locations for catering jobs.

Convection Ovens
You want a good convection oven in your barbecue restaurant to keep certain food moist and perfectly cooked. KMC has many great commercial gas and electric convection ovens that you can buy used for a fraction of the retail price.

With all those smoked or barbecued meats, you will want some veggies to go along with them. In order to do so, having a good steamer in your restaurant is a must.

Deep Fryers
These are also very popular in the barbecue restaurant world for fried chicken or side items like french fries or hush puppies. KMC carries commercial deep fryers from the following manufacturers:

  • Fry Master

  • Dean

  • Pitco

One great thing about all these different pieces of cooking equipment is that many models can be adapted for propane power, which means they can be used outdoors if you are providing seasonal barbecue specials at your restaurant.

Tables & Chairs
You want your barbecue restaurant to have a certain style that is comfortable, rustic and fun. Kohn-Megibow Company is your resource for all your tables, chairs and other furniture and décor needs. We have some pieces made from reclaimed wood and other rustic styles. Whether you need outdoor or indoor furniture, Kohn-Megibow has you covered.

If you are starting a barbecue restaurant or want to offer more barbecue dishes at your current restaurant, bar or deli, check out Kohn-Megibow Company for the best new and used restaurant equipment. Save tons of money and get the equipment you need at KMC. Contact us today for more information!

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