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Whether your restaurant has a simple salad bar or is a complete self-serve buffet, it’s important to have quality buffet equipment you can count on. At Kohn-Megibow Company, you can find all the self-serve food and buffet equipment you need for great prices.

Looking to introduce some new or used equipment into your restaurant? Here are some key pieces of buffet equipment you might need:

Hot Food Buffet Tables

Also known as steam tables, hot food buffet tables are an absolute must for anyone who wants to serve food buffet-style. They heat the food and keep it warm, and come in a variety of configurations with different numbers of serving pans, sneeze guards, plate dispensers and other options. Most range from 4-5 feet then graduate to 8-10 feet in total length and almost all of them are electric. The main manufacturers of hot food buffet tables found at KMC include Duke and Vollrath.

Cold Food Buffet Tables
This is the same concept as a hot food table, but they are designed to serve cold food. If you’re looking to incorporate a salad bar at your restaurant, this is the kind of table you need. The pans themselves can be refrigerated or ice can be added underneath to keep your cold food the appropriate temperature. Vollrath, Delfield, and Cambro are the most popular manufacturers of these cold food buffet tables.

Glo-Ray Heaters
These are long, electrically heated strips that you can place on an overshelf to keep your food warm while it is on display. They are great for buffets and anyone with self-service food will get plenty of use out of their glo-ray heaters. Hatco is the leading manufacturer sold at KMC.

Sneeze Guards
Some buffet tables will come with sneeze guards built in, but if not, it’s a good idea to buy them separately to protect your food and maintain sanitary requirements for buffet service. They are available in real glass or plexiglass, which is mounted in metal frames and usually very easy to install.

Holding Cabinets
Holding cabinets are a necessary complement to your other buffet equipment. These vertical cabinets are insulated and will store your food on pans that slide in. Some models provide their own heat with electrical power if you want to keep the food a certain temperature as it is stored. In addition, some models act as proofers, meaning that a water pan can be stored on the bottom to maintain a desired level of moisture. Holding cabinets of all varieties can be found at Kohn-Megibow Company from the top manufacturers such as:

  • Cres-Cor
  • Alto-Shaam
  • Vollrath
  • Cambro (specialize in portable holding cabinets)

Refrigerated Buffet Tables with Swing Doors
Imagine a refrigerated sandwich table without a top. These tables have swing doors and provide refrigeration for cold food service. Guests can take what they want and then the food can continue to be stored overnight with a night cover. KMC carries refrigerated buffet tables from manufacturers including True and Turbo Air.

Countertop Buffet Items
Stainless steel chafing dishes, food warmers, soup warmers, beverage dispenser, carving stations, single-induction cookers, soft serve machines and even chocolate fountains are all countertop items any buffet restaurant needs. Find all of these items new and used at KMC’s warehouse!

Kohn-Megibow Company has all the buffet equipment that you need, available at great prices. Get high-quality equipment while saving a lot of money compared to buying everything at retail price. Stop by KMC’s warehouse in Anaheim, give us a call or visit our next bi-weekly used restaurant equipment auction to learn more and see what we currently have in stock!

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