Opening a Bakery? Here are 8 Equipment Pieces You’ll Need

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When it comes to opening a bakery, one major issue every restaurant owner deals with is stocking the space with all the equipment needed to prepare your food, cook your baked goods and display it for sale. The good news is that Kohn-Megibow Company has all the bakery and food service equipment you’ll need, available new and used from our warehouse in Anaheim and at our bi-weekly auctions.

Before opening your bakery, consider buying the following equipment from a trusted restaurant equipment warehouse like KMC:

Front of the House Equipment

“Front of the house” equipment is what the customers see and experience. This includes displays and dining areas. Some of the key pieces of equipment include:

  • Display Cases
    The display case is the heart of any good bakery because it allows you to both store and showcase your delicious items for sale. Customers can see what they want to buy, and an organized display will make all the difference. You’ll want to determine if you need one with refrigeration, along with the size and style.
  • Furnishings
    If you want customers to have a place to eat in your bakery, you will need tables, chairs, counters, barstools, booths or whatever furnishings you would like to have. You can buy high-quality used furnishings at KMC for a fraction of the price they will cost you to purchase new. We regularly liquidate entire restaurants and bars, so you can get a complete set for your bakery or mix and match as desired.
  • Dining Supplies
    Silverware, dishes, glasses, coffee cups, etc.—these are all things you will need for in-house dining. KMC has got you covered.

Back of the House

“Back of the house” refers to the equipment your bakery kitchen staff will need to prepare the food. Here are some of the items you will want to have:

  • Ovens
    You can’t have a proper bakery without a good oven (or multiple ovens for specific baking needs). There are so many sizes, styles and types of ovens available for purchase at Kohn-Megibow Company.
  • Mixers
    Mixers are needed to prepare dough and batter to be baked. From floor mixers to counter-sized models, you can find the right mixers to equip your bakery at KMC.
  • Refrigeration
    Eggs, milk and other ingredients will need to be stored cold. Plus, you may have certain cakes and pies that must be refrigerated before they are sold. A good refrigerator that fits your space and provides the refrigeration requirements for your kitchen is necessary to smoothly run your bakery.
  • Food Prep Space
    Your kitchen staff will need plenty of room to work with counters, shelves, bakers’ tables and other equipment set up so that they can work efficiently and effectively.
  • Smallwares
    To run a successful bakery, you will need to have all the utensils, muffin pans, pie tins, cake molds, cooling racks, dough cutters, sifters, measuring cups, decorating tubes, rolling pins and more to prepare all your baked goods. All of these items can be purchased at KMC.

To learn more about used restaurant equipment and bakery supplies available new or used from Kohn-Megibow Company, give us a call or check out one of our used restaurant equipment auctions or visit our Anaheim warehouse to find exactly what you need at the best possible prices!

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