Serving Brunch? Here Are All the Must-Have Restaurant Equipment Pieces You Need

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Summer is officially here, and during this time of year, many restaurants will start offering brunch options, especially on weekends. If you are considering adding brunch dishes to your menu or a brunch buffet, you’ll need the right equipment. Find everything you need – new and used – at great prices at Kohn-Megibow Company.

Here are just a few of the brunch equipment pieces to consider for your restaurant:

Belgian Waffle Irons
Whether your chefs are making the waffles or it’s a do-it-yourself waffle bar for guests, you will need high-quality waffle irons for brunch service.

Chafers and Chafing Dishes
When you have a brunch buffet, it’s vital to have chafing supplies to keep the hot food warm and to give guests an easy way to serve themselves. Roll-top chafers with covers are ideal for eggs, meats, potatoes, pancakes and other hot food items.

Heated Soup Containers
A good brunch will have multiple soup options on the menu, so it’s a good idea to have heated soup containers, bowls, ladles and soup spoons for excellent soup service.

Coffee Machines/Dispensers
You can’t have brunch without coffee, so you will need quality commercial-grade coffee machines and dispensers to provide all the different coffee options for guests.

Pastry Displays
Guests love pastries and desserts at brunch time, so you’ll want a good open-shelved pastry display for biscuits, pies, donuts, rolls, cookies, scones, muffins, cakes and more.

Serving Utensils
Especially in a brunch buffet situation, you will require good serving utensils that the guests can use to get the food they want from the serving dishes.

Kohn-Megibow Company is your one-stop-shop for all brunch and buffet restaurant equipment. Buy new or used items directly from our Anaheim warehouse or attend one of our bi-weekly used restaurant equipment auctions to get high-quality used pieces at a fraction of the retail price. For more information on our available equipment, give us a call today!

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