5 Benefits of Purchasing Cast Iron Cookware

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Just as important as the recipes you prepare in your restaurant is the equipment you use to cook your food. At Kohn-Megibow Company, we believe that when you use the right equipment, you get better results. One of the best ways to cook many different dishes and get great results is to use traditional cast iron cookware. Here are some of the biggest benefits of purchasing cast iron cookware for your restaurant or other food service business:

1. Naturally Non-Stick
If properly cleaned, cared for and seasoned, cast iron is naturally non-stick. Plus, it’s much better for the food (and the environment) than chemical-laden cookware.

2. Healthier Cooking
Cast iron literally fortifies your food with iron, which is good for your health. No other types of cookware are doing this for you naturally.

3. Durability
Cast iron pans last a long time and typically service some tough wear-and-tear. This means that when buying from KMC, you can find some high-quality used cast iron cookware for great prices.

4. Cooking Consistency
Cast iron pans are heavy and they retain heat longer than most other pans. This allows you to cook food more evenly and consistently, whether you are working with high or low temperatures. Cast iron also helps prevent food from burning easier than most pans.

5. Versatility
Cast iron cookware can be used for so many different purposes and recipes. Searing meat, frying, grilling, baking, roasting vegetables and more can be done with a good cast iron pot or pan.

These are just some of the reasons why cast iron cookware is so popular in today’s most modern of kitchens. To find all the best new and used cast iron cookware you need at great prices, visit Kohn-Megibow Company at our Anaheim warehouse. We have the best cast iron brands available, so contact us today for more information!

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