8 Tips for Buying Cutlery for Your Restaurant

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While it might seem like a small, less important detail, the type of cutlery you use at your restaurant is vital. All chefs know that working with quality knives and utensils makes a huge difference in creating delicious dishes. And, of course, having nice—yet durable—silverware for your customers to use is vital for making a positive impression on their overall restaurant experience.

To help you find the best commercial-grade cutlery for your restaurant, we at Kohn-Megibow Company have put together some helpful tips:

1. Understand Your Food Items
Forks, knives and spoons will be common pieces of silverware needed for every guest, but certain dishes may require certain types of cutlery. You may need dessert spoons or forks. What about steak knives or bread knives? Take the time to really understand your menu and all the different dishes you serve before buying all the right cutlery to match.

2. Get the Right Knives for the Jobs
When it comes to buying knives for your kitchen, it’s important to have all the right knives for all the different cooking and food preparation purposes. Consult with your chefs and make sure they have what they need to prepare the food properly. The size of the knife, the type of blade, the handle and several other factors will all need to be considered.

3. Don’t Cut Corners
It’s always best to look for high-quality and durable cutlery that will stand up to your restaurant’s needs. Otherwise, you will be replacing it often and that adds up over time. Consider buying your cutlery at a restaurant equipment auction warehouse like Kohn-Megibow Company to find great deals on high-quality items.

4. Stainless Steel is the Way to Go
Most restaurants will opt for stainless steel cutlery, as it is durable and easy to clean by hand or in a dishwasher. The most common grade used in restaurants is 18/10, which features 18 parts nickel and 10 parts chromium.

5. Functionality for Your Needs
When selecting your knives and utensils, it’s important to think about how practical it is to use. Is it comfortable to hold and use? Is it durable and easy to clean? Find the right balance between style and functionality for the best results.

6. Try Before You Buy
Never buy any piece of cutlery without a hands-on demonstration. See in person how it looks and feels in your hand before you commit to stocking your entire restaurant with an inferior cutlery set.

7. Consider Your Customers
Are your customers primarily families with a lot of kids? Do you serve a large number of seniors every day? Understanding your customers and the type of cutlery they will be comfortable using may determine what you need to buy.

8. Save Money with Used Cutlery
If you want to save a lot of money, you can consider buying used cutlery from KMC. You can purchase directly from our regularly restocked warehouse or attend one of our bi-weekly used restaurant equipment options for rock-bottom prices. You can get all the items you need at a fraction of the price it will cost you to buy new.

Whether you are looking to buy new or used restaurant cutlery, turn to Kohn-Megibow Company in Anaheim, California. Contact us today or stop by to learn more about what KMC can do for you and your restaurant!

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