Cleaning Your Dishes: 5 Tips for Maintaining Commercial Dishwashers

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If you own a busy restaurant, you are going to need a commercial-grade dishwasher that can handle your traffic and keep your dishes, glasses, silverware and other items clean throughout the day. And like any piece of restaurant equipment, your commercial dishwasher requires maintenance to help keep it running properly and lasting as long as possible.

In general, dishwashers are relatively easy to maintain. However, there are some simple steps you can take for optimal performance. Here are some helpful commercial dishwasher tips from the restaurant equipment experts at Kohn-Megibow Company.

  1. Invest in the Right Dishwasher
    The most important thing to remember is to invest in a dishwasher that will suit your restaurant’s needs. There are different types and sizes to handle the amount of volume you expect. Of course, there are also different levels of quality and performance you will want to research to find the best dishwasher for your commercial kitchen.
  1. Understand the Manual
    You and everyone who uses the dishwasher should be intimately familiar with the instruction manual. Follow the maintenance steps listed and use the equipment as instructed. Look for certain things such as which detergents or rinse aids are best to use with your particular dishwasher.


  1. Clean it Regularly
    People often make the mistake of thinking commercial dishwashers are self-cleaning because they are designed to clean dishes. However, food particles can build up and other issues can happen if you don’t make it a habit to clean the dishwasher regularly.


  1. Follow a Maintenance Schedule
    When it comes to cleaning and routine maintenance, using a schedule will help. Assign the duties for daily, weekly, monthly and annual cleaning and maintenance so that nothing is overlooked and you get more out of your dishwasher.


  1. Don’t Wait on Repairs
    If something is damaged within the dishwasher, do not look past it. It’s a good idea to make repairs immediately before small issues build up into major malfunctions. It’s much easier and cheaper to replace one broken part than to replace the whole machine!

These are just a few tips for maintaining your commercial dishwasher. To find the right new or used commercial dishwasher for your restaurant—and for help with equipment maintenance recommendations—contact Kohn-Megibow Company today! Our Anaheim warehouse has plenty of options to fit your specific needs.

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