7 Reasons to Purchase a Commercial Microwave for Your Restaurant

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Commercial microwaves oftentimes may seem like appliances that are unnecessary in restaurants. Why would you need a microwave when you have other methods of heating food? Of course, not all food should be cooked in a commercial microwave, but it is extremely useful to have. It will save time and a good commercial microwave may produce better cooking results than other heating methods.

At Kohn-Megibow Company, we carry a wide selection of commercial microwaves. Still not sure how a commercial microwave will benefit your restaurant? Well, here are seven reasons why you should have a commercial microwave in your restaurant kitchen:

1. More Diverse Menu

Having a commercial microwave offers you more menu flexibility. You can pre-prepare dishes that can be cooked up quickly upon order, cook more individualized portions, test new recipes and quickly steam seafood and vegetables. A good commercial microwave is extremely versatile.

2. Quickly Heat Cold/Frozen Foods
Unless you are determined to cook everything fresh, odds are you will have some chilled foods, pre-made dishes and frozen ingredients. A commercial microwave allows you to provide cooked food quickly and efficiently.

3. Defrost Frozen Foods
Of course, if you have any frozen foods or ingredients, a commercial microwave is ideal for defrosting them quickly and safely. Even if you use your commercial microwave for nothing else, it is an incredible time saver as a defrosting unit.

4. Keep Your Kitchen Cooler
Commercial kitchens can get really hot with the radiant heat from the various appliances. A microwave doesn’t radiate heat and will keep your kitchen (and staff) cooler.

5. Faster Service
Being able to cook certain dishes more quickly means being able to provide faster service. This can be especially helpful if your restaurant has a regular lunch or dinner rush.

6. Lower Electricity Bill
Microwaves are very efficient energy-wise, so you can save on your electricity and gas bills by utilizing a commercial microwave for certain purposes.

7. Space Saver
Commercial microwaves are lightweight and generally don’t take up nearly as much space as larger kitchen equipment. They can be mounted in convenient spots and don’t require range hoods, so they are real space savers.

If you know it’s time to get a commercial microwave for your restaurant, turn to Kohn-Megibow Company. We have top-of-the-line new and used commercial microwave ovens of all shapes and sizes, from the top manufacturers in the world. Come to one of our bi-weekly used restaurant equipment auctions in Anaheim, or see what we have available in our restaurant equipment warehouse today!

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