Safety Checklist for Restaurant Shelving

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Every restaurant and food service business will require some form of shelving in their kitchens and various parts of their facility. Good shelving offers much-needed storage space and convenience, allowing everything your staff needs to be right within reach. However, shelving that’s not sturdy enough can become a safety hazard. That’s is why Kohn-Megibow Company has put together this helpful safety checklist for your restaurant shelving.

1. Is it Mounted Securely?
The first step to safe shelving is to make sure it is mounted securely to the walls. One loose screw or bolt can weaken the whole structure and lead to a dangerous mishap. Try giving it a wiggle: if it’s loose, it’s time to re-secure it.

2. Is it Level?
As the shelving is being installed, it should be properly leveled. Make sure to check the levels regularly, as it can be a warning sign that there is another structural problem worth repairing.

3. Is it Assembled Strongly?
In addition to wall connections, there will be various nuts, bolts and other fasteners that hold the shelving structure together. Everything should be tight and checked regularly to avoid any weak points.

4. Are You Storing Things Evenly?
One big mistake is having uneven loads on shelves. For example, storing a bunch of heavy cans on one side and light utensils on the other will put unnecessary strain on the shelf and could lead to future problems.

5. Are You Stacking Too High?
Another concern is stacking things too high or overloading the shelves with too much weight. It’s always best to be cautious and conservative with how much you put on any given shelf. You also want to make sure everything is easily within reach.

6. Are Your Shelves Clean?
It’s worthwhile to keep your shelves clean and check on them weekly. Letting shelves get grimy, dirty and greasy is perpetuating a health hazard or making the shelves unsafe if the surfaces are slick.

7. Are Your Shelves Rusty?
If you have metal shelving, check it periodically for rust. Rust is a sign of wear and can weaken the structure as time goes on. Most commercial-grade kitchen shelves have a rust-resistant coating. If you see rust, consider replacing your shelving. Wire shelving can come in either a chrome finish or a coated (usually green) finish. The coated finish is designed to not rust, making it ideal for Walk-In Refrigerators, where there is moisture in the room.  

8. Are You Rotating Your Stock?
It’s easy to allow items to stay up on shelves much longer than it should. Make sure you are rotating your stock regularly to eliminate expired foods. This can also prevent you from shelving more than you need to. Using a label system is a great idea to keep your stock rotation organized.

These are just a few safety tips to help you get the most out of your restaurant shelving. If you are looking for high-quality restaurant shelving at great prices, KMC is your Southern California used restaurant equipment supplier to turn to. Contact Kohn-Megibow Company or stop by our Anaheim warehouse today for more information.


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