What You Need to Know About Ventless Commercial Deep Fryers

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If you are a restaurant owner and serve any sort of fried food, then a commercial deep fryer will be a necessity in your kitchen. It’s important to select the right type of deep fryer to fit your space and meet your frying needs.

The biggest distinction between commercial deep fryers is whether they are vented or ventless. A ventless option will have all the venting fully enclosed and will not require a separate hood or vent installation. Most large commercial kitchens will have a hood system, so it may come down to where the deep fryer needs to be placed. For smaller kitchens without a full hood system, a ventless deep fryer could be a smart option.

 The pros of a ventless deep fryer include:

Consistent Cooking – Ventless fryers essentially remove human error from the process, so it helps ensure better cooking results.

Cheaper Installation – Without the need for special venting or hoods, you can definitely save on the money it takes to install a ventless fryer compared to a vented one.

Longer Oil Lifespan – With everything enclosed in the ventless deep fryer, the oil typically lasts longer and retains a better taste with fewer outside contaminants.

Safe Operation – Ventless deep fryers are very easy to use and minimize the risk of employees coming into contact with the hot oil.

Less Space – With no overhead hood system, ventless fryers take up less vertical space in the kitchen.

Less Mess – The system is well contained, so you get much less mess and splatter from the oil than you would with a standard commercial deep fryer.

Ultimately, it’s important to outweigh the benefits of the types of commercial deep fryers before purchasing one for your restaurant or food service business. For help in finding the right commercial deep fryer for your kitchen and getting the best deal on a new or used unit, contact Kohn-Megibow Company today.


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