Here’s Everything You Should Know About Commercial Food Steamers

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Food steamers are very popular in today’s commercial kitchens and restaurants. A commercial-grade food steamer will truly be a workhorse because they are quick, efficient and generally very easy to use. They are great for cooking rice, vegetables – even shellfish! – and can serve as a much more convenient alternative to big stock pots that tend to take up a lot of extra space.

Most commercial food steamers fall into to main categories: a la carte and boilerless. Let’s take a look at the differences:

Boilerless Steamers

A boilerless food steamer (also known as connectionless) tends to take longer to cook items and is mostly used in food service operations where larger batches of steamed foods need to be cooked at once. They require less frequent water maintenance and de-scaling, which makes it easy to take care of.

A La Carte Steamers

A more traditional a la carte steamer will be smaller and is designed to cook food more quickly. This makes this type of food steamer ideal in restaurants that are preparing cook-to-order steamed dishes. However, they do require more frequent maintenance and will also consume more energy and water than compared to boilerless options.

The wonderful thing about commercial food steamers is that technology continues to evolve. Newer models are using less energy and requiring less cleaning, de-scaling, and maintenance. How often you need to change out the filter is one component of maintenance that you will want to research before buying a commercial steamer, in addition to how much water it will take to run to meet your food service requirements.

Commercial Food Steamers at KMC

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