A Guide to Maintaining Your Café’s Espresso Machine

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Having a professional espresso machine comes handy when you serve a variety of coffee drinks in your café, restaurant, bar or coffee shop. Making hundreds of cups of coffee every day can take a toll on the equipment being used, but a good commercial espresso machine should last over a decade if it is properly cleaned and maintained.

Here are some espresso machine maintenance and cleaning tips from Kohn-Megibow Company, a leading local new-and-used restaurant equipment supplier.

1. Cleaning While Using

A good habit would be to create a routine of certain cleaning activities every single day while the espresso machine is being used. Purge and then wipe down the steam wand before and after each use. Flush the group head before each new batch of espressos is made. And, be sure to keep your cleaning cloths fresh and clean, otherwise, the equipment may not actually be getting cleaned.

2. End-of-Day Cleaning

At the end of the day, take the following steps to keep your espresso machine cleaned and maintained:

– Do a full backflush with coffee machine detergent and scrub the group heads. Do that until the water coming out is completely clear to ensure there are no remaining grounds.

– Remove the steam wand tip and clean it thoroughly. The same goes for the draining hose to keep any clogs or buildups of coffee grounds from forming.

– Lastly, clean the drip tray, filter basket, and portafilters.

3. Occasional Cleaning & Maintenance

Every one or two months, you should take care of some standard maintenance procedures to keep your espresso machine working correctly and producing the best espresso possible. This will include changing the portafilter baskets and shower screens. Also, it’s important to understand that your steam tank can become calcified with regular use, especially if you have mineral-heavy water running through it. Schedule a professional machine decalcification with the manufacturer or equipment distributor.

4. Annual Recommendations

Once a year, you will want to replace a handful of small parts. They become worn over time and can lead to bigger problems with the machine if left to deteriorate. It’s best to stay ahead of any trouble by proactively replacing the shoulder bolt shims, anti-suction valve, steam valve, hot water valve, expansion valve, brew actuator bearing, waste pipe, and portafilter baskets.

5. Cleaning Products

It is best to consult the manufacturer’s recommendations for cleaning products and techniques for your particular espresso machine. The goal is to keep your machine running in tip-top shape while maintaining the best possible sanitary conditions for as long as you own it. Of course, good maintenance and cleaning will help ensure that you own it as long as possible.

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