Opening a Small Bakery in Orange County? Here Are Some Must-Have Pieces of Equipment.

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Even the smallest bakery can face its challenges, but Orange County is a great market with a ton of business potential. When opening a bakery, there are certain pieces of kitchen equipment that you will need. Some will be absolutely essential, and there may also be some specialty items that could be useful to you based on your menu.

Here are some must-have pieces of bakery equipment according to the experts at Kohn-Megibow Company:


– Baking Utensils: Some of the utensils you will need in your Orange County bakery include spatulas, dough scrapers, whisks, presses, decorators and rolling pins. Plus, the right pans and baking sheets for prepping confectionary treats are critical.


-Shelving Racks: Space can be an issue in a bakery, which is why shelving racks for prepping and cooling are so essential.


-Mixers: Odds are, you may have more than one mixer in your bakery kitchen. For example, you may need a floor mixer for big jobs or tabletop mixers for smaller batches of baked goods. A hand mixer may also be useful based on your menu.


-Food Processor: Another piece of equipment you may want is a food processor to chop up large quantities of nuts, chocolate, and other ingredients. This will be a real time saver in the long run.


-Storage Containers: It’s always good to have all your ingredients organized and easy to access. A nice set of storage containers is essential to keep your bakery kitchen running smoothly, and also to keep your ingredients fresh.


-Display Case: What better way show off all the freshly baked goods and treats you offer than with a display case? Look for a display case that fits your space, but that will also have enough room for everything you want to showcase.


With these pieces of equipment in your bakery, you’ll be off to a great start. Kohn-Megibow Company has all the bakery and restaurant equipment you need. You can buy new equipment from us or you can also find high-quality used equipment in our bi-weekly used restaurant equipment auctions.


To learn more about our bi-weekly auctions, come stop by our Anaheim warehouse today.

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