Don’t Throw Out Your Used Restaurant Equipment. Sell it to KMC!

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If you have used restaurant equipment that is still in good working condition, you can always reach out to Kohn-Megibow Company to sell it. This is a great option to consider, whether it’s an individual piece of equipment that you would like to get rid of or you need to liquidate your entire restaurant inventory. 

What We Buy

KMC buys used restaurant equipment all the time that we clean up and resell at our bi-weekly used restaurant equipment auctions. We are always looking for new items and we will gladly make you a fair offer on any pieces of restaurant equipment you would like to sell. 

  • Stoves/Ovens/Grills
  • Refrigerators and Freezers
  • Mixers
  • Bar Equipment
  • Restaurant Furniture
  • Sinks and Commercial Dishwashers
  • Silverware, Flatware and Glasses
  • Kitchen Utensils
  • Pots and Pans
  • Serving Dishes
  • Catering Equipment
  • Cleaning Supplies
  • And More!

Why it Might Be Time to Sell

Perhaps you recently made equipment upgrades and it’s time to get rid of your old stuff. Maybe the restaurant has closed and you need to sell off everything. KMC will make you a fair offer on your restaurant equipment and we’ll come to your space to pick it up. Or, you can drop by our Anaheim warehouse and we’ll take things off your hands.

It is important to note that the used restaurant equipment should still be in decent working condition. We don’t buy anything and everything, but you’d be surprised the difference a little cleaning and refurbishment can make. There are many other restaurant, bar and foodservice business owners out there looking for kitchen equipment they can use. As you know, it helps to save every penny you can, so buying used restaurant equipment is a great solution.

KMC Makes it Easy!

You can either go through the painstaking process of selling the equipment yourself—often only one piece at a time—to individual buyers or you can sell it directly to Kohn-Megibow and without any hassle or confusion. If you need to sell off your used restaurant equipment quickly, reach out to us and we’ll make the process as easy and stress-free as possible.

When you need to sell used restaurant equipment in Southern California, KMC Sales is the bulk buyer to turn to. Give us a call today at (714) 666-8166 or visit our website to learn more and to schedule an appointment where we’ll come to you and take care of all the dirty work.

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