Buying Used Restaurant Equipment? Look for the Warranty!

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When you are buying used restaurant equipment, it’s nice when you have a little extra piece of mind. That is why it is important to utilize Kohn-Megibow’s auction preview days to check out the equipment ahead of time and make sure it is what you need. Our team also carefully inspects and cleans every item before it is sold in one of our bi-weekly used restaurant equipment auctions.

Inventory Intake

The first step is getting the equipment into our Anaheim warehouse. We are bringing in new items just about every single day, so we carefully inventory everything before it is readied for resale. The KMC team is extremely organized and attentive to the details. You have to be when dealing with this much used restaurant equipment.

Cleaning and Inspection

The next step is to thoroughly clean and inspect the restaurant equipment. We want to confirm that it is in working condition and make note of any potential flaws. Much of what we resell is in like-new condition. Other pieces are definitely more “used,” so it’s always worth taking the time to make sure it is ready to sell at auction. 


If an item is still under the manufacturer’s original warranty or has any kind of extended warranty program, KMC is careful to catalog that. Likewise, we will gladly include any owner’s manuals, accessories or additional information that belong with the equipment. We encourage everyone to look for the warranties because that certainly provides added piece of mind when buying used restaurant equipment.

Preview Days

Auction preview days are always listed on the Kohn-Megibow Company website ahead of any auction dates. These are your opportunities to come in and see the items for sale in person. You can use that time to look over the equipment, review any valid warranties and set your auction budget. This way, you are fully prepared when the auction rolls around. You will know what items you want to bid on and how high you are willing to go on any piece of used restaurant equipment. All sales are final at KMC, so it is ultimately your responsibility to make sure what you are buying is up to your restaurant’s standards.

Buying Before the Auction

You are always welcome to make an offer on any piece of used restaurant equipment before it goes up for auction. You have the option to buy directly from our warehouse and we will sell items at fair auction prices. Waiting for the auction may give you the opportunity to purchase the equipment at a lower price. At the same time, you never know when a bidding war can happen. Buying directly from KMC is the surest way to get the items you need by avoiding the unpredictable auction process.

To learn more about the KMC inspection process or to see what’s going to be for sale in our next bi-weekly used restaurant equipment auction (along with any corresponding auction preview days/hours), call Kohn-Megibow Company at (714) 666-8166 or visit our website.

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