Your KMC Restaurant Equipment Checklist

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Opening a restaurant or any type of foodservice business takes a lot of work. One of the biggest challenges is filling out your kitchen and service spaces with all the appliances, restaurant equipment, furniture, cleaning supplies and other items you will need for day-to-day operations. Kohn-Megibow has all the restaurant equipment you need, available new and used depending on your budget.

What you need will be determined by the type of food and drinks you plan to serve, and how much of it you need to prepare on a daily basis. For instance, a bar/pub will have different needs than a steakhouse, which will have different needs than a bakery or deli. There are specialty pieces of restaurant equipment that your space may need. Otherwise, here is a pretty good rundown of common things you will probably need when it comes to standard restaurant equipment.

Commercial Refrigeration Equipment

Cold storage is a must in any type of foodservice business. From reach-in refrigerators to walk-in freezers, there are many different commercial refrigeration options to consider. Before you buy, you will need to understand how much food you will need to store at cold temperatures so you can buy the refrigeration equipment that meets your cold storage requirements.

Commercial Grills and Stoves

Again, it may depend on what food you plan to serve, but odds are you are going to need a cooktop of some sort. Most likely, you may want multiple types of cooking options. This may include multi-burner stoves or a flat-top grill or griddle. Understand your menu and make sure you have the cooking equipment that you need for all your dishes.

Commercial Ovens

Likewise, you will probably need an oven for heating and cooking certain dishes. There are many different types from convection ovens, microwaves, steam ovens, pizza ovens, brick ovens, conveyor ovens and more.

Commercial Deep Fryer

Most restaurants will serve some sort of fried food options like french fries or fried chicken. A commercial deep fryer is an essential item to have in your kitchen because it offers speed and convenience.

Ice Machine

If you are serving any kind of cold beverages or adult drinks, you will need a good ice machine. Figure out just how much ice you’ll need during peak hours, so you can buy an ice machine that produces enough ice to get you through your restaurant’s busiest service times.

 Cookware, Utensils, Dishes, Glasses and Silverware

Think about everything that goes into a dish from its initial preparation to final service to the customer. You are going to need mixing bowls, utensils, pots, pans, silverware, serving plates/bowls, and cups/glasses. Even things like salt and pepper shakers need to be considered when putting your restaurant together.

Furniture, Dry Storage and Shelving

In your kitchen, you will need work tables, shelves, cupboards, drawers and more for your staff to store and prepare all the food. Then, you have tables, chairs, booths, bars, stools and other things you’ll want to have for your customer service space.

Linens and Décor

You can’t have a restaurant or any kind of food service establishment without nice décor. Then, you may also want to have tablecloths, curtains, cloth napkins, cleaning rags and other practical linens.

Cleaning Supplies

You can’t maintain a restaurant without cleaning it. Don’t overlook your cleaning sinks, mops, buckets, restroom supplies, cleaning chemicals/soaps, etc.

This is just a basic checklist of things you will want to look at when buying restaurant equipment and supplies for your commercial foodservice business. For all your restaurant equipment needs, KMC is your ultimate source. You can buy new equipment directly from us and we also stock a huge supply of high-quality used restaurant equipment. You can purchase it at bargain prices from our warehouse or get really great deals at one of our bi-weekly used restaurant equipment auctions.

To learn more about KMC or to get started on your restaurant equipment shopping list, call us today or visit our website!

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