Buying the Right Utensils for Your Restaurant

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Any type of commercial kitchen or restaurant will require plenty of utensils. You need good, durable utensils in the kitchen for food preparation, cooking and doling out portions. If your customers dine in, then you will also want to have plenty of quality silverware and serving utensils. 

The first thing to remember about utensils is just how much they are going to be used every single day. So many meals need to be made and served to your customers. Quality definitely makes a difference because the utensils should stand up to the usage they are put through. If you buy cheap utensils, they will break and wear out quicker, which will cost you more to replace in the long run compared to pieces that are designed and built to last longer for commercial use. 

The second factor to keep in mind is quantity. You want to have more than enough utensils in stock to cover your busiest service hours. Commercial dishwashers are fast, but you can’t ever afford any lapse in service time because you are waiting for clean silverware or cooking utensils. You should have fresh utensils ready to use when you need them. 

Here are the most common restaurant utensils your commercial kitchen will need, according to the restaurant equipment supply experts at Kohn-Megibow Company:

Spoons and Ladles

There are so many different types of spoons required in a restaurant setting, and what you need may depend on the dishes you are serving. Options will include dining spoons, soup spoons, ladles, serving spoons, slotted spoons, portion spoons, wooden spoons and measuring spoons. 


Ask any restaurant chef and they’ll tell you they can never have too many knives around. You need many different types of commercial-quality knives (and knife sharpeners) in your kitchen for slicing various meats, breads, vegetables, fruits and other ingredients. Then, there are steak knives and butter knives to serve with your meals.


There are also different types of forks, from the ones your customers use at their tables to various serving and food preparation forks that will go to good use in your kitchen.

Servers, Turners and Spatulas

Another staple in commercial kitchen will be turners and spatulas for cooking food and working a flattop grill. Any burger maestro will depend on his or her turner to flip patties and cook them just right. You will also need servers that can be used for serving dishes like pies, cakes and pizza.


Tongs may be the most underrated kitchen utensil. They are very versatile and useful for cooking meats on a grill or in a smoker. They are great for tossing and serving salads. If you don’t have at least one good set of tongs in the kitchen, you will regret it.

Other Utensils

There are many other different types of specialty utensils that you will probably want to have in your commercial kitchen. Examples include basters, fruit and vegetable peelers, pizza cutters, strainers, can openers, meat scissors, meat thermometers and whisks. 

For all your new and used restaurant-grade utensil needs, count on KMC. We have all the restaurant equipment you’ll require, including every type of cooking, serving and dining utensil you can imagine. Contact us today or visit our website to see how we can help you stock your entire restaurant at great prices!

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