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Times are tough for so many small businesses right now because of COVID-19. Even those allowed to stay open have been forced to adapt by dealing with social distancing requirements and less income from a down economy. Restaurants had to convert to carryout and delivery only, basically overnight, and it may be some time before full dine-in services are available here in California. 

Making Tough Changes

At Kohn-Megibow, we’ve had to make significant operational changes without the ability to host our bi-weekly used restaurant equipment auctions in person. We have adapted to social distancing guidelines and are now hosting a virtual online auction system. If you are a buyer, check out our previous blog article for more information about how that works.

Need to Sell Restaurant Equipment?

If you are looking to sell your restaurant equipment for any reason, KMC has got you covered. We are always buying used restaurant equipment that is in good working order, whether you are looking to upgrade your current equipment, need to sell off a few items to generate a little extra revenue or going out of business because of these forces beyond your control. 

One reason we offer our used restaurant equipment buying services is because we know how complicated it can be to sell pieces off one at a time to individual buyers. It takes a lot of work and time that you may not have, and it’s very rare to find a buyer willing to take everything off your hands if you are trying to sell your entire stock. 

Fair Prices. Efficient Process.

KMC is here to help you by purchasing whatever used restaurant equipment you want to sell. We’re typically looking for items that are in good working order if buying select appliances or equipment at a fair market value. If you are wanting to sell everything because you are closing, we will make you a wholesale offer.

Selling used restaurant equipment to Kohn-Megibow is a very efficient process. We can usually be in and out in the same day, depending on how much there is to go through. Our guys will remove all the equipment from your establishment—as safely and sanitarily as possible. You don’t have to clean it or worry about repairs. If you have active warranties on any equipment, however, we’d love to know that information to pass onto any buyers. Otherwise, let the KMC team do all the heavy lifting and transport it back to our Anaheim warehouse, where we can do all the necessary work to get the pieces cleaned, fixed up and ready for resale to our buyers.

How Can We Help?

We know it’s not easy to have to sell restaurant equipment or close doors in times like these, but it’s the sad reality many restaurant owners are facing. If you need to sell any used restaurant equipment or new supply stock, call Kohn-Megibow Company today at (714) 666-8166 and let us know how we can help.

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