Smart Bidding: Read the Online Auction Descriptions Carefully

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Virtual auctions may be the wave of the future. They’ll never replace the energy and excitement of Kohn-Megibow’s live used restaurant equipment auctions, but they are an effective way for us to sell equipment right now. Buyers across the country are able to find great deals on the restaurant supplies they need.

Use Your Time Wisely

One really positive aspect of online restaurant equipment auctions is that they give you much more time to do research and make smart bidding decisions. Live auctions can go quickly and you don’t have a lot of time to think. Virtual auctions keep the listings up for a longer period and you can bid at your leisure up until the auction closes. You can also use the “maximum bid” feature to set the highest amount you are willing to spend and let the system bid for you automatically.

With extra time to review and research used restaurant equipment listings, we highly recommend carefully reading the item descriptions and looking at all the pictures. The KMC team is working hard to inspect and clean every piece of equipment that we put up for sale. If there are flaws or damaged components, we will note them in the online descriptions and show detailed photos. If there is an existing warranty that is known, we will include that information.

It’s All About the Details

Our goal is to give you as many details as we can about every single item that we are auctioning off. Because you don’t have the opportunity to inspect the equipment in person, you will want to use every bit your time wisely. Read the descriptions and look at the photos. If you have questions about a particular listing, please contact the Kohn-Megibow team and we will get you whatever additional information you need.

When you take the time to understand all the details, you will feel much more confident when you are making real-time bids and/or setting your maximum bid amounts. Even in a virtual auction setting, it is really easy to get caught up in a bidding war. The more research and planning you do upfront, the better you will feel about any bid you place. This is what smart bidding is all about.

Start Bidding Now!

If you haven’t already signed up on Proxibid, do so now and start browsing the current listings from KMC. Find the quality used restaurant equipment that you are looking for and purchase it at a fraction of the price thanks to the auction format. 

To learn more about our virtual auctions on Proxibid, to buy directly from our warehouse or to ask any questions you have about KMC and what restaurant equipment we currently have available, call us today at (714) 666-8166 or visit our website at kmcsales.com.

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