Does Used Restaurant Equipment Come with a Warranty?

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It’s always nice to have some extra piece of mind when buying equipment for your restaurant. This is certainly one advantage of buying new restaurant equipment. It generally comes with a warranty from the manufacturer, providing coverage in case it has problems. Most manufacturers offer limited warranties over a certain period of time. Then, extended warranties may also be available for certain restaurant equipment.

New vs. Used Restaurant Equipment

Warranties are great, but brand new restaurant equipment is expensive. Sometimes, you have to consider the trade-offs. Buying used restaurant equipment could be a better solution in many situations. You could save a lot of money upfront by purchasing used restaurant equipment. The long-term savings may be worth it. The key is finding good quality used equipment, which could still have a warranty attached.

Used Restaurant Equipment Warranties

Some used restaurant equipment will still have an active warranty, whether it is the original manufacturer’s guarantee or an extended warranty purchased by the previous owner. The first thing to make sure of is if the existing warranty can be transferred to you as the new owner. Take the necessary steps to register any updated warranty documentation for your own coverage.

Quality Inspection and Warranty Information

At Kohn-Megibow Company (KMC), we thoroughly inspect and test each piece of used restaurant equipment that comes through our warehouse. We want to know the quality and condition before we list it for sale in one of our auctions. This way, we can pass this information onto our buyers and help them make a more informed purchase decision.

As part of our process at KMC, we also research any existing warranty coverage attached to each item. It’s not always available or easy to find, but we do our best to determine what we can about original equipment manufacturer (OEM) guarantees and extended warranty programs. If there is a known warranty and it is transferrable to the new owner, we will include this information with the product listing. You will know what’s covered before you buy. 

Extended Warranty Coverage

Restaurant owners buying used restaurant equipment will also want to look into extended warranty options available. Even if an item currently isn’t under warranty or the old warranty isn’t transferrable, you may still be able to purchase an extended warranty and/or an insurance policy to provide additional coverage should you experience any problems in the future. 

Buying used restaurant equipment can be a great way to save money now, but you want to do everything you can to make the right purchase decisions. Protect yourself as much as possible with warranties, guarantees and insurance whenever available. 

For more information about used restaurant equipment or to see what we currently have available for sale, contact KMC or visit our website for the latest auction listings.

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