Looking to Sell Used Restaurant Equipment?

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It can be tough to know what to do with used restaurant equipment when you no longer need it. Perhaps your restaurant is going out of business, or you have purchased new equipment and need to sell the older items. There may be used restaurant equipment that rarely gets used, but is taking up a lot of unnecessary space in your kitchen. These are all good reasons to sell used restaurant equipment.

The real question is what is the best way to sell used restaurant equipment? You have a few options to consider. Ultimately, it may depend on what price you are looking to get and how quickly you need to sell. 

Sell it Yourself

There are various ways to list and sell used restaurant equipment directly to potential buyers. There are different websites, local classified ads and good old word-of-mouth within the restaurant industry. These methods can take a little more time to find the right buyer. However, they can be effective when selling one or two desirable pieces of restaurant equipment. Certain items will always be in demand and many buyers are looking for better deals on used restaurant equipment like yours—as long as it is still in good working condition. 

It’s important to be honest with your listings and be prepared to let buyers inspect and test the equipment before making an offer. Buyers are naturally warier of private sellers, so you have to earn their trust and be willing to negotiate. 

Find a Wholesale Restaurant Equipment Buyer

A quicker solution is to work with a used restaurant equipment wholesaler like Kohn-Megibow Company (KMC) Many of these companies are regional and looking to buy as much quality used restaurant equipment as they can. They have methods of attracting buyers and resell the equipment directly to them through warehouse deals, auctions and other methods. 

Working with a used restaurant equipment buyer/seller is often the best solution when you are trying to liquidate multiple pieces of equipment. Let’s say your restaurant is going out of business or you are closing one location of a chain. It can be difficult to sell each item off one-by-one. That takes time you may not have before you have to get out of your leased restaurant space. An equipment wholesaler like KMC can come in and buy all your restaurant equipment in one deal. You may not get as high a selling price as if you parsed everything out one piece at a time, but you can get a deal done very quickly and get cash for your used restaurant equipment. You also don’t have to worry about deliveries or anything else. We come and pick up your entire inventory at a schedule time that’s most convenient for you.

Does KMC Buy Single Pieces of Used Restaurant Equipment?

You can also work with KMC to sell one item you need to unload, or a smaller collection of used restaurant equipment that you want to sell. We’ve been known to buy out entire restaurants, as well as singular pieces of equipment that are still in good working condition. Whether you have a commonly used commercial appliance or a very specialized item, we’ll assess the equipment and make you a fair offer.

If you have used restaurant equipment to sell in Orange County or surrounding Southern California locations, please contact us at KMC today!

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