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Hey there! Are you opening a new restaurant or making some big changes to your kitchen? It’s super important to find the right place to get all your used restaurant equipment. Here are five signs to know if you’re at the best spot:

  1. Lots of Choices: Look for a store that has all kinds of equipment. The more options they have, the better chance you’ll find exactly what you need for your restaurant.
  2. Good Prices: You want to find a place that sells equipment at a good price. Some places, like Kohn-Megibow Company, sell used equipment that’s just as good but way cheaper than buying new stuff.
  3. Nice People: When you’re buying important stuff like restaurant equipment, you want to feel like the people helping you know what they’re doing and are nice about it. Good customer service means they’ll help you pick the right stuff, not just the most expensive stuff.
  4. Different Ways to Buy: It’s cool when you have lots of choices for buying used restaurant equipment. Some places let you buy stuff right from their store, while others have fun auctions where you can bid on what you need. And places like Kohn-Megibow Company offer both!
  5. Smart Staff: You want to talk to people who know what they’re talking about. The staff should be able to explain everything about the gear you’re buying and answer any questions you have. At Kohn-Megibow Company, they’ve got a team of smart folks ready to help you out.

So, if you’re looking for the best place to get used restaurant equipment, check out Kohn-Megibow Company! They’ve got a wide selection of equipment, awesome prices, and they’re super nice. Give them a call or stop by their warehouse to see what they have!

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