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In the journey of life, there often comes a point when projects, businesses, or restaurants reach their conclusion. When restaurant owners decide to bid farewell to their dining establishments, they face the question of what to do with their restaurant equipment. Amidst various selling options, we, at Kohn-Megibow Company, advocate for the merits of liquidating...
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Are you a restaurant owner in Orange County facing the tough decision of closing your doors? Whether it’s due to rising rent or new business opportunities, the challenge of liquidating your restaurant equipment can be daunting. But fear not, as many restaurant owners like you choose to streamline this process by turning to Kohn-Megibow Company...
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No matter what kind of foodservice business you own, you need cold storage. You need a refrigerator and probably a freezer, as well. You may even need multiple types of cold storage units at your restaurant. Kohn-Megibow Company is your one-stop shop for all new and used restaurant equipment, including all types of refrigerators and...
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Opening a restaurant or any type of foodservice business takes a lot of work. One of the biggest challenges is filling out your kitchen and service spaces with all the appliances, restaurant equipment, furniture, cleaning supplies and other items you will need for day-to-day operations. Kohn-Megibow has all the restaurant equipment you need, available new...
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Whether the business is being closed down or needs extra cash, restaurant owners should consider all of their options before deciding on how to liquidate restaurant equipment.

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