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In the journey of life, there often comes a point when projects, businesses, or restaurants reach their conclusion. When restaurant owners decide to bid farewell to their dining establishments, they face the question of what to do with their restaurant equipment. Amidst various selling options, we, at Kohn-Megibow Company, advocate for the merits of liquidating...
1 September 2020 - 17:38, by , in Blog, No comments
So far, Proxibid has been a great service we’ve been using at Kohn-Megibow company to continue our used restaurant equipment auctions in a safe, legal and effective manner. We cannot safely conduct live auctions at our warehouse for the time being. Online virtual auctions are the next-best thing, and we’re amazed at how well they’ve...
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Virtual auctions may be the wave of the future. They’ll never replace the energy and excitement of Kohn-Megibow’s live used restaurant equipment auctions, but they are an effective way for us to sell equipment right now. Buyers across the country are able to find great deals on the restaurant supplies they need.
As long as COVID-19 is limiting our ability to host live auctions for used restaurant equipment, we will be conducting virtual auctions online through Proxibid. So far, the system has worked really well and we’ve been able to make the most of it. Virtual auctions will never fully replace live auctions—the cornerstone of Kohn-Megibow Company...
Times are tough for so many small businesses right now because of COVID-19. Even those allowed to stay open have been forced to adapt by dealing with social distancing requirements and less income from a down economy. Restaurants had to convert to carryout and delivery only, basically overnight, and it may be some time before...
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Almost all businesses are being forced to adapt during the COVID-19 crisis, and Kohn-Megibow Company is no exception. Because of social distancing measures, we are unable to host our usual bi-weekly used restaurant equipment auctions at our Anaheim headquarters. We are also very limited in allowing any customers to browse our warehouse in person.

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