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No matter what kind of foodservice business you own, you need cold storage. You need a refrigerator and probably a freezer, as well. You may even need multiple types of cold storage units at your restaurant. Kohn-Megibow Company is your one-stop shop for all new and used restaurant equipment, including all types of refrigerators and...
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Opening a restaurant or any type of foodservice business takes a lot of work. One of the biggest challenges is filling out your kitchen and service spaces with all the appliances, restaurant equipment, furniture, cleaning supplies and other items you will need for day-to-day operations. Kohn-Megibow has all the restaurant equipment you need, available new...
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When you are buying used restaurant equipment, it’s nice when you have a little extra piece of mind. That is why it is important to utilize Kohn-Megibow’s auction preview days to check out the equipment ahead of time and make sure it is what you need. Our team also carefully inspects and cleans every item...
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If you have used restaurant equipment that is still in good working condition, you can always reach out to Kohn-Megibow Company to sell it. This is a great option to consider, whether it’s an individual piece of equipment that you would like to get rid of or you need to liquidate your entire restaurant inventory. 
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Whether the business is being closed down or needs extra cash, restaurant owners should consider all of their options before deciding on how to liquidate restaurant equipment.
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Food steamers are very popular in today’s commercial kitchens and restaurants. A commercial-grade food steamer will truly be a workhorse because they are quick, efficient and generally very easy to use. They are great for cooking rice, vegetables – even shellfish! – and can serve as a much more convenient alternative to big stock pots...
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Cleanliness and sanitization are key to the success of any restaurant or commercial kitchen. A cleaner space will keep your employees safer and your patrons healthier. It’s also the best way to avoid potential problems with health inspectors.