Restaurant Auctions in Orange County: A Guide to Liquidating Your Equipment with Kohn-Megibow

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Are you a restaurant owner in Orange County facing the tough decision of closing your doors? Whether it’s due to rising rent or new business opportunities, the challenge of liquidating your restaurant equipment can be daunting. But fear not, as many restaurant owners like you choose to streamline this process by turning to Kohn-Megibow Company for assistance. Thinking of liquidating through KMC? Here’s what you need to know:

1. Schedule a Liquidation Consultation Early:

If you’ve decided to close your restaurant, the first step is to schedule a liquidation consultation with Kohn-Megibow Company as soon as possible. This early planning gives you more flexibility and ensures a smoother transition. Contact us, and our team will visit your restaurant for a walkthrough and consultation. We’ll conduct a comprehensive inventory of all your equipment that needs to be sold.

2. Options for Equipment Liquidation:

KMC offers several options for liquidating your restaurant equipment:

A. Complete Buy: This is the quickest and simplest choice. KMC will purchase all your equipment for cash. After assessing the equipment’s value, we’ll make you a bulk cash offer. Once we’ve removed everything from your property, you’ll receive a check for the full amount. It’s a hassle-free process designed to ease your burden.

B. Warehouse Sale: KMC can organize a public auction on your behalf. We’ll handle the removal of all your equipment, store it in our warehouse, and prepare it for sale. There’s a fee associated with moving the items and a commission for equipment sold either through auctions or direct warehouse sales. Remember, you’re paying for Kohn-Megibow’s expertise in selling used restaurant equipment, along with our extensive marketing reach and network of potential buyers. You might even make more money selling through KMC than trying to do it all on your own. Plus, we handle the entire process, and you get paid when your equipment is sold.

C. Tailored Solutions: If neither of these options suits your needs, rest assured that KMC is flexible. We’re more than willing to work with you until we find the perfect solution that aligns with your requirements. We can assist in the removal of items and negotiate with your landlord to ensure equipment can be taken without damaging the property. If you have particularly valuable or unique equipment, we can find custom-selling solutions that don’t involve including it in the general liquidation. There are numerous strategies we can employ to help you achieve your desired results.

3. Considering Selling Your Restaurant as a Going Concern:

If you’re contemplating selling your restaurant as a running business, where the new owner takes over operations along with the equipment, Kohn-Megibow Company can guide you through the process. Sometimes, liquidation may be the more sensible option, but we’ll help you evaluate your situation and make informed decisions.

Whether your lease is ending or your restaurant is closing for any reason, reach out to Kohn-Megibow today for a comprehensive equipment liquidation consultation. We’re here to make this transition as smooth and profitable as possible for you.

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