Restaurant Auctions in Orange County: Get Ready for Dry Storage Success!

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Running a restaurant involves more than just delicious dishes and friendly service. You need to be smart about storing your dry goods, from spices to utensils. Your dry storage area, filled with shelves, cabinets, and work tables, deserves as much attention as your refrigerators. In Orange County, restaurant auctions offer excellent deals on essential dry storage equipment. Here are seven essential tips for setting up your dry goods storage system:

  1. Maintaining Proper Temperature: Your food storeroom should maintain a dry and well-ventilated environment, usually between 50 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Understand the specific storage needs of each item to keep your kitchen organized. 
  2. Rotating Dry Food Items: Label and date all food containers comprehensively. Use the oldest ingredients first (as long as they’re still fresh) and pay attention to expiration and “sell by” dates to avoid using outdated products. 
  3. Keep the Humidity Low: Most dry foods thrive in low humidity environments, ideally less than 15%. Invest in sealable storage containers to maintain freshness and prevent moisture damage. 
  4. Keep the Critters Out: Protect your dry goods from unwanted guests like insects, birds, and rodents. A well-organized storage system with sealed containers can help you avoid contamination issues and health inspector trouble. 
  5. Avoid Direct Sunlight: Shield your dry goods from direct sunlight. Sun exposure can degrade materials and lead to oxidation, affecting the quality and nutritional value of your food. 
  6. Keep Dry Goods Off the Ground: Elevate your dry goods at least six inches off the floor and away from outer walls. This minimizes condensation risks due to temperature differences between surfaces. 
  7. Have Enough Storage Space: Plan your dry goods storage area just like you would for cold storage. Ensure you have sufficient space for cabinets, shelves, and containers, and consider easy access for your kitchen staff during busy times. 

For your dry goods storage equipment needs in Orange County, turn to Kohn-Megibow Company (KMC). We offer a wide selection of new and used cabinets, shelving systems, sealable containers, work tables, and more at unbeatable prices. Visit our bi-weekly restaurant equipment auctions to grab the best deals on essential kitchen items. Contact us today or explore the Kohn-Megibow website for more information on restaurant auctions in Orange County and start your journey toward dry storage success!

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